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After a successful career as a visual artist Miriam found herself drawn to the healing arts and began her formal studies in 1989. She trained at the Polarity Wellness Network in New York City and was certified by APTA. She received certification in Swedish Esalen massage from the McKinnon Institute in 1996.Miriam has trained other practitioners in Polarity.

Miriam has been also been reading Tarot for over 25 years. She has created a deck of somatic Tarot cards;  Polarity Wellness Tarot, that integrates classic tarot to esoteric body anatomy found in Polarity. She is also the author of the Best Divination Book of 2015 Visionary Awards “Tarot and the Chakras: Opening New Dimensions to Healers” (Schiffer LTD 2014).

Her bodywork practice is in the SF Bay area. She sometimes includes the Tarot in her sessions and is available for  Tarot readings in person or over the phone.

Miriam has also studied: cranial sacral therapy, chi nei tsang, therapeutic touch, reflexology, ayurveda, and herbology, and integrates all these modalities into her practice.

MiProfessional Certification logoriam is a certified member of the Associated Bodywork & Massage Professionals.




“When I was three years old, I almost died. I developed a high fever and was vomiting blood. When my parents took me to the hospital, I slipped into a coma. Doctors came from all over to try and diagnose my illness. No one could come up with an answer. I was placed under an oxygen tent and given what was called shotgun therapy; every drug possible was pumped into my veins. Nothing seemed to work. Every day our neighbor and a nurse in the hospital would check on me. One day she came in to find my oxygen tent shut off. I had to be resuscitated, which resulted in my left side being paralyzed briefly. I was then given only a 5% chance of surviving.
Soon the whole town was praying for my recovery.
The medical staff were all about to give up. My family pediatrician, Dr. Selma Mitchell, a Russian immigrant and the only female doctor anybody knew at the time, decided to hold an all night prayer vigil with the Rabbi of the community. That night happened to be the night of the most holy day of the Jewish calendar: the day of atonement, Yom Kippur.
At about 3am, the Rabbi went home and Dr. Mitchell stayed, continuing her vigil. As the sun rose that morning my eyes opened and I began to recover.
I am aware that I went to a very far away place. I understand illness. I believe I was kept alive to do work on healing. Polarity has given me a framework to do so. It also allows me to use creative artistry.”

Due to advanced medical technology, these types of experiences have become quite common and are know as Near Death Experiences. Many people who have had near death experiences report similar paranormal revelations and are inspired to make changes in their lives and others.

By appointment only.
To schedule a reading or a session contact:
Miriam Jacobs

4289 Piedmont Ave. suite 201
Oakland, CA 94611


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