Holiday Sale

Holiday Discounts Polarity Wellness Tarot decks: Need that special gift - or bought a book without the deck? $20.00 (does not including taxes or S&H) Number of decks: 1 Deck $20.00 USD 2 Decks $38.00 USD 3 Decks $55.00 USD Book & Deck Combo sale: $38.00 Polarity Wellness Tarot with Tarot and the Chakras: Opening New Dimensions to … [Read more...]

On collaborating and looking ahead to Fall

This summer, besides continuing my bodywork practice, you can find me relaxing, gardening, swimming and taking a few nature-based trips. Past Experience As a program director for The Lower East Side Printshop, in NYC for a good part of the ‘80s, one of my jobs was to run the Poster Program. I’d set up other non-profit groups to silkscreen print posters for cost. Since this was a time before … [Read more...]

Memorializing Memorial Day

For me, Memorial Day weekend holds a lot of memory. It is the 8th anniversary of my Mother’s death and the anniversary (years before) of when my twin brother Marty and I had our bar/bat mitzvah together. This was when holidays were actually celebrated on the precise date and not the closest weekend or a reason to have a sale. That year Memorial Day, May 31st, fell on a Thursday, which not only … [Read more...]

The next step of combining interests

I realized although I enjoy practicing bodywork, it brought about change one person at a time.  Tarot readings open people up to deeper insights but left them in their heads or intuitive minds. My deck and book helped but I wanted to do something interactive.  Physical movement expedites change. It opens pathways from the cognitive to the intuitive through the body’s motion. I saw … [Read more...]

Combining Interests

Combined with my intuitive understanding of the Tarot, my dance study / Polarity Therapy gave my new path dual and complimentary aspects. Thereby, strengthening the end results. After my initial training, I left NYC for the Bay Area and opened a practice. For many years I kept the Tarot reading separate from my bodywork.  The Tarot began to show its hand as a natural extension of my body … [Read more...]

How I fell in love with dance

I fell in love with dance while living in NYC as a visual artist. I was working for a non-profit screen print studio. We printed a lot of posters for performance events. The excitement of the event posters drew me to the actual events. Dance performances became part of my NYC experience. The movement of the dancers spoke to my inner sensibilities. I was too self-conscious to study dance … [Read more...]

Water, Water Everywhere

If you live in Northern California, or if you follow the news, you know how much rain we've gotten. I am grateful because we are out of the drought. The power of water has proven to be both frightening and amazing. I'm not sure what to hope for, continued rain or sunshine. Elementally water conveys our ability to be receptive, to flow, and be flexible. Water is nurturing and facilitates making … [Read more...]

Cards of Aquarius

The Star and the 5,6 & 7 of Air/Swords are the Tarot cards of Aquarius. To honor the trendsetting and individualistic qualities of Aquarius, these cards will be featured along with the other Air/Swords cards at this months Dancing the Tarot workshop on Feb 11th.  As many of you know I compare and contrast different healing and divining systems for ease of use. Sometimes the meanings … [Read more...]

The Dance of Miriam

My name Miriam means prophetess or rebellion. In the Old Testament, Miriam was the revered sister and savior of her brother Moses, who later led the Hebrew people to the Exodus of Egypt. It’s not always acknowledged but Miriam along with their brother Aaron had a big part in that procession as well. Perhaps I should be presenting this story during Passover the religious, celebration of the … [Read more...]

Thoughts About Community

Lately, I’ve been thinking a lot about the desire and concept of community. Perhaps community is in the biospheres. To me it seems to be more essential than ever - community transcends individual differences. I am aware of when community works and when it doesn't. When it does work, I feel included, I want to listen as much as I want to share. When it doesn't work I feel like a round peg … [Read more...]

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