Tarot Dancing

Tarot in Motion™
Healing with Tarot through Movement

    – creating Tarot dances for transformation –

“The Tarot in Motion workshop guided my personal healing to a higher level. For years I’ve explored various alternative healing paths to overcome some challenging patterns. Great progress made but it wasn’t until the workshop that I felt a transformation. Miriam’s reading was spot-on. It brought the core issue to the surface and explained which chakras were in need of attention. From there, May’s guidance in creating movement/dance was awakening but more importantly, I learned that even though I was going through the “motions” with great excitement and loving the free feeling of dance, I was still holding back and guarding those particular chakras.  The moment I channeled the intention gathered from the tarot reading into my movements – I felt the transformation.  Now, every day I practice my dance right after my meditation and it feels great!
R. Payton
Williamston, NC

Tarot in Motion ™ is movement and expression that have both individual and archetypical meaning based on drawn Tarot cards. Related symbols on the cards then serve as a structure for movement pieces that are personally cathartic.
  • Craft an expressive dance using Tarot as a guide
  • Use Tarot for the first time or in a new way
  • Evoke the healing power of dance & movement.

“Miriam uses Tarot as a springboard for revealing choreography and self- discovery.”      May Kesler – Dancer, Physical & Massage Therapist

Miriam Jacobs guides you to craft movement pieces with meaning inspired by the Tarot. These workshops include a few Tarot basics and show how cards chosen can become a format for types of movement, body sourcing and expression. The Polarity Wellness Tarot will be used to create your dance. Bring props such as hats, scarves, drums, rattles and music selections on your mobile devices.

“Tarot in Motion came out of my desire to encourage others to heal by synthesizing several systems while having fun.”
Miriam Jacobs

You will:

  • Experience transformation while having fun
  • Change patterns
  • Deepen realizations

“These workshops got me to a deeper and more expressive place than I have ever come close to on my own.”             LC – Math teacher


“I didn’t expect a depth of healing, increased bodily awareness, and a sense of emerging power to come from one short workshop.”                  Terri – production editor & artist

JJ“A fun and inspiring class. Beside learning about myself, I enjoyed the interaction and self interpretation from the other wonderful people.”    Jennifer – Designer

MV01“Miriam builds a beautiful and reassuring case for us to communicate through dance.”    Holly – Journalist




Dancing the tarot may be easier than dancing about architecture

Interested in scheduling a Tarot in Motion workshop in your area?  Contact:  Miriam

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