Dance Videos

Tarot Dance Videos

2017 Videos

May Kesler shows possibilities of Dancing the Elements.

Summer ’16 Dancing the Tarot Videos Series

Miriam Introduces the Summer series:

Anandha Ray
The Dance of Transformation
Anandha explains and dances “The Death Card”.

Carolyn Gravely
Becoming the Queen of Air
Sometimes recognizing the Queen of Air in yourself is the best choice to make.

Grace Cloyd
Easing into Love Through Dance
Grace describes and dances her experience embodying “The Lovers Card”.

Jennifer Jacobs
Taping into the Change
Jennifer recognizes her Fire in the 5 of Fire brings.

Sandra Edwards
Sandra continues on her path with diligence and patience: 7 of Earth.

Laura Chatham
Laura reflects on dancing the Fool card.

May Kesler
Dancing the 3 of Fire in New York Class – Fall ’15

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