How I fell in love with dance

I fell in love with dance while living in NYC as a visual artist. I was working for a non-profit screen print studio. We printed a lot of posters for performance events. The excitement of the event posters drew me to the actual events. Dance performances became part of my NYC experience.

The movement of the dancers spoke to my inner sensibilities.

I was too self-conscious to study dance myself. When other young girls were taking dance, I was outside playing.    

Watching the dance performances, I felt the dance movements move me internally. I sensed the deeper meaning of the art, of the body moving. It was the performances with strong spiritual content that resonated the loudest within me. The meaning might not have been apparent to my young mind, but my senses intuited it.

It was around this same time (the early 80’s), that I discovered the Tarot.

When the chemicals in the screen-printing process began to make me ill, I spent my time further exploring and, consequently, deepening my understanding of the Tarot.

My reaction to the chemicals of the printing process led to the necessity of a career change.

My newly nurtured love of dance drew me to bodywork, as my new life path.

Today, it is my great joy to use my background in my bodywork. If you’d like to experience a session uniquely tailored for you, contact me…

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