On collaborating and looking ahead to Fall

This summer, besides continuing my bodywork practice, you can find me relaxing, gardening, swimming and taking a few nature-based trips.

Past Experience
As a program director for The Lower East Side Printshop, in NYC for a good part of the ‘80s, one of my jobs was to run the Poster Program. I’d set up other non-profit groups to silkscreen print posters for cost.
Since this was a time before digital printing was accessible, it was an affordable way to do promotion. People also got to experience an artist and printer relationship without being a selling artist.
In order for things to go smoothly, it was essential that all participants collaborate or the process could turn into a disaster.

Present Experience
After collaborating with my childhood friend, May Kesler, in two workshops this spring during Bay Are Dance Week, I was inspired. So in June, I offered “Tarot in Motion” Labs once a week during June where I collaborated with a different dancer each week.
Here are the dancers I worked with:
Samantha Thrower https://www.facebook.com/samantha.thrower
Deedra Wong https://www.tarotperspectives.com/
Mary Alice Fry http://ftloose.com/
Claudia Mar Ruiz http://www.vivalavida.life/

It was so much fun and just like in the Poster Program I solidified that what it takes to collaborate.

Future Experience
Coming this fall, I will be offering more Tarot in Motion workshops so I can help support others in their healing process while having fun.
Please be on the look out for the Bay Area and East coast schedules on my website and Facebook pages.
If you are interested in a collaborating please contact me:
miriam@polaritytarot.com or 510-517-5649

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