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Interview with  Jesse Ann Nichols George 01/09/15 on Activating Compassion  or http://youtu.be/i_7Od3Uj-do

Interview with Mary Nale of Attune Magazine-09/02/14

Interview with Kooch Daniels of Lifescape Radio-11/26/14

Here’s the audio of a teleconference I was guest speaker on from 06/03/14 for participating advance students from Institute for Holistic Health Careers.


Reflections on Breath of Life Conference – Fall 2014
Attune Magazine Review-Mary Nale – Fall 2014
K. Daniels Review – Spring 2013
E. Hazel Review– ATA – Winter 2012


Entity Removal-APTA newletter ENERGY 2008
Polarity and the Tarot-APTA newsletter ENERGY Summer 2009
Tarot and Polarity Therapy-Tarosophy-Winter 2010
Polarity Wellness Tarot-ATA.Quarterly Journal – Winter 2012
The Elements and Tarot Suits Cartomancy – Winter 2015

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