Polarity Therapy, craniosacral, massage, reflexology, psoas release

Each session is tailored to an individual’s needs.


  • Renewed vitality
  • Mental clarity
  • Pain reduction and management
  • Deep relaxation
  • A conscious connection to your body
  • Greater muscle effectiveness
  • Improved circulation
  • Greater joint mobility

“Not only did I feel relaxed during my session with Miriam, but I left her office feeling like I was walking on air.”
Nicola Reis Taggart, Coach & mother of three


  • Stress and anxiety
  • Emotional distress
  • Sciatica and Psoas tightness
  • Back & neck pain

“The Polarity sessions I experienced with Miriam left me feeling centered and more at one with my body. My mind seemed to shift from the need to control my surroundings to the willingness to flow.”
Debra Riordan, Clinical Ayurvedic Specialist


Polarity Therapy– a more comprehensive than Reiki energy-based system which  includes body work, diet, and exercise to maintain a proper energy flow throughout the body.  It addresses a wide range of issues, from structural to emotional. See my blog on this here.

Craniaosacral  – a light touch, which adjusts the fine flow of cerebrospinal fluid through out the spinal column.

Massage – works with manipulating muscles, soft tissues, and joints. Benefits include increased blood flow, mental and physical relaxation, decreased stress, diminished muscle tension, and improved range of motion.

Reflexology – applies pressure to special points that relate to zones and body reflexes on the feet and hands. This can cause further relaxation of muscle spasm and other benefits.

Communication Support – consists of focused conversation based on polarity energetics to encourage a positive attitude, be able to look at challenges in a new way, and better understand and overcome the source of their challenges.

Sound Healing – the use of pure note tuning forks to balance out the Vestibular nervous system.

Tarot – see my page on this here.

Appointments by request only.
Contact here to schedule a session or for more information:
Miriam Jacobs

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