Tarot Readings



Miriam Jacobs offers 30-60 minute in person/phone/skype empowering Tarot card readings, using her deck, Polarity Wellness Tarot. She suggests actions to take to improve your situation and make choices on relationships, work and life improvement.

WHAT TO EXPECT with a Tarot card reading:

Sensible advice

“Miriam uses the Tarot as lens to help you receive a much deeper understanding around your questions and then supports you to see how that can be a catalyst for transforming the situation.”

How to best approach challenges

“Miriam’s readings can help you see the issue from a whole new perspective.” KRW – coach

Practical validation

“My reading was an awesome affirmation of my life’s work and path.”

Reassurance that it’s going to be okay

“I am now doing better- mostly I am working out the problems with husband.” LC math teacher

Where not to go

“When you pick a Tarot card and it says something different, you need to reflect on that. It is not filtered through someone else’s crap.” VS Movement Therapist

How to direct your thoughts

“Your deck and the 4 card reading highlighted exactly the problem- in exactly the way we could see it. It was absolutely miraculous!!!”

Appointments by request only.
Contact here to schedule a session or for more information:
Miriam Jacobs

30 minute in-person/phone or Skype Tarot readings $60

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