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Miriam Jacobs, author of the COVR award winning “Best divination book of 2015:  “Tarot and the Chakras: Opening New Dimensions to Healers”, synthesizes Tarot with ancient and modern systems. Here is a list of workshop possibilities that may vary in time and level of expertise depending on your needs.

“Miriam Jacobs is a superb body healer and a profoundly wise tarot reader. Her unique Polarity Wellness Tarot deck is a brilliant marriage of her extensive expertise and experience.” DH Urban Shaman

Tarot in Motion – AKA Dancing the Tarot

Create an expressive movement piece using the Tarot as a guide. Begin utilizing the Tarot for the first time or in a new way. Evoke a higher power through dance/movement that heals.

“I would have never created the dance I did without the guidance of this new kind of Tarot card and Miriam.”

Intro To Polarity Tarot

Introduces synthesizing Tarot with other energy based systems such as Polarity Therapy, the Chakras and Astrology.

Chakras & Tarot – There Is A Connection

Ancient Vedic and Tibetan systems gave elemental names to the seven bodily energy centers know as chakras. The Tarot suits, commonly know as the Minor Arcana cards have the same elemental attributions. Connecting the two systems guides us to choose meditations that ease challenges presented by the cards.

Yoga & Tarot

Learn how Tarot may be a tool to indicate where the body needs balancing, and what type of yoga pose or sequence to do to encourage support and change indicated by the cards. This workshop will include interactive movements, stretches, and poses.

Tea & Tarot

Informative fun for parties – Presenting how to use the tarot in a relaxed and engaging format. Informative fun parties – Presenting how to use the tarot in a relaxed and engaging format. Also see Tarot Parties!

Tarot & Body Work

Learn how to integrate Tarot into a bodywork session. De-clutter mental and emotional patterns of your clients making your work easier and more effective. Connect cards chosen to moving energy with comprehensive non-invasive touch.

Energy, Art & Tarot

Workshop/slide presentation on Tarot in relationship to the visual arts – For a refreshing way to view life and its forces.

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