Cards of Aquarius

The Star and the 5,6 & 7 of Air/Swords are the Tarot cards of Aquarius. To honor the trendsetting and individualistic qualities of Aquarius, these cards will be featured along with the other Air/Swords cards at this months Dancing the Tarot workshop on Feb 11th.  As many of you know I compare and contrast different healing and divining systems for ease of use. Sometimes the meanings … [Read more...]

Where Womyn Gather – spirituality Festival

I will be presenting 2 workshops at this year's festival, honoring the Maiden, East and Air. For more info register at Tarot and the Air (Heart) Chakra Discover the secrets of how to connect Tarot to the Chakras, and other ancient systems such as astrology and the elements. Focus will be on the similarities and difference of the Air (Heart) Chakra in … [Read more...]

Getting Back to Basics with lining up Chakras

Welcome to the New Year! It is (yet another) opportunity to hit a restart button. For me this means getting back to basics - by simply lining up Chakras. Many years ago I began visualizing my own Chakras lining up as a form of meditation. I would also experiment with placing my hands a few inches away from someone else’s Chakras to see what I could sense. I’d try to get them to spin individually, … [Read more...]

“Tarot and the Chakras” has won a COVR Award!

COVR gives visionary awards to winners selected from among the best products in the Mind Body Spirit industry. They are the only awards of their kind. My book, Tarot and the Chakras was submitted in the Divination category by my publishing team at Schiffer and won. The news of me being a winner made me so happy, I was dancing all over the house. This was acknowledgement at it’s best – at least … [Read more...]

Classic Tarot

Tarot is a system of divination using a deck of cards. Tarot consists of 78 cards. The origins of the Tarot are unclear. Some believe the Tarot dates back as far as ancient Egypt and relates to the Tree of Life (Kabbalah). Tarot might have originally been a “Book of Wisdom” or a pictorial way for gypsies, who spoke different languages, to communicate. Many believe the first deck was a game made as … [Read more...]

Gemini Dancing

The astrological sign of Gemini mainly rules in the month of June. People born under Gemini are quick, talkative, indecisive, adaptable, perceptive and friendly. It is the sign of the TWINS and duality. Many of my Gemini friends either cannot make up their minds or can think and focus in dept. A main premise in my book “Tarot and the Chakras” is to point out the similarities of systems in order … [Read more...]

Self Love and Encouragement

Earlier this month I went to a Retreat & Application Course at Ojo Caliente in New Mexico. The workshop was on Core Awareness, proprioception (the ability of knowing where you are in your body), emphasizing the psoas being the messenger of the body. My friend Valerie encouraged me to go. I was in the right place at the right time to say yes. I got to soak in amazing mineral baths, eat healthy … [Read more...]

Reflections on Dr. Stone

In looking back at 2014, I am grateful for many things, especially for having released “Tarot and the Chakras”.   I am also remembering my love for Polarity Therapy. The founder of Polarity Therapy, Dr. Randolph Stone, DO, DC, ND, (1890-1981), is one of the most amazing people I’ve ever come across. He looked at the body as a whole way before it was ever popular and encouraged people to do yoga … [Read more...]

Gratitude and Appreciation

On a recent day trip with a girlfriend, we were listening to a motivational CD in the car, one of those “power of positive thinking” type recordings. It spurred a conversation, perfect for pre Thanksgiving, about the difference between gratitude and appreciation. This particular speaker was using the word appreciate instead of gratitude as a basis for manifesting both intangible and tangible … [Read more...]

Halloween 2014

As a child, everyone I knew would get dressed up in costumes for Halloween. We’d go door-to-door yelling “trick or treat” and hold out pillowcases or shopping bags to get filled up with candy. At the end of the night, my siblings and I would compare what we got. I loved the costumes and the candy, but looking back what I loved the most was witnessing going up to every door and catching the vibe of … [Read more...]