Tarot as a Basis for Meaningful Choreography

Implement the Tarot for personal and archetype dance content Participate in a unique healing/dancing event with Miriam Jacobs, and guest choreographer May Kesler. Miriam will first guide you how chosen Tarot cards from her somatic deck (Polarity Wellness Tarot) can become a format for types of movement, body sourcing and expression. In the second part May will support you in using that … [Read more...]

Free Bay Area Dance Week Event – intro 4/28

Tarot as a Basis for Meaningful Choreography- intro FIND YOUR INNER ARCHETYPE: Miriam Jacobs and guest choreographer May Kesler introduce how to implement the Tarot for personal and universal choreography. For full class on Saturday, April 29th go to: Craft an expressive dance using the Tarot as a guide. Use Tarot for the first time or in a new way. Evoke the healing power of … [Read more...]

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