Water, Water Everywhere

If you live in Northern California, or if you follow the news, you know how much rain we've gotten. I am grateful because we are out of the drought. The power of water has proven to be both frightening and amazing. I'm not sure what to hope for, continued rain or sunshine. Elementally water conveys our ability to be receptive, to flow, and be flexible. Water is nurturing and facilitates making … [Read more...]

Self Love and Encouragement

Earlier this month I went to a Retreat & Application Course at Ojo Caliente in New Mexico. The workshop was on Core Awareness, proprioception (the ability of knowing where you are in your body), emphasizing the psoas being the messenger of the body. My friend Valerie encouraged me to go. I was in the right place at the right time to say yes. I got to soak in amazing mineral baths, eat healthy … [Read more...]


Water receives and accepts all things.  Water dissolves away boundaries and can be overwhelming. The water element relates to the tarot suit of cups - relationships and love. BASIC QUALITIES: flowing, receptive, flexible,  merging, smoothness, nurturing IN NATURE: oceans, rivers, brooks, lakes, ponds, gentle rains to hurricanes, tidal waves, COLOR:  orange ART: cooking CHAKRA: … [Read more...]

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