Dancing the Tarot – Feb 11

Experience transformation while having fun Please join me in this revolutionary way to have fun (dance) while you relieve stress - shift from feeling stuck - release from old patterns – uncover new realizations. DANCING the TAROT Winter/Spring 2017 Series Saturdays, Jan/14, Feb/11, Mar/11 and Apr/8 12noon-3pm Cost: $35 each workshop or $100 for all four Register: … [Read more...]

Cards of Aquarius

The Star and the 5,6 & 7 of Air/Swords are the Tarot cards of Aquarius. To honor the trendsetting and individualistic qualities of Aquarius, these cards will be featured along with the other Air/Swords cards at this months Dancing the Tarot workshop on Feb 11th.  As many of you know I compare and contrast different healing and divining systems for ease of use. Sometimes the meanings … [Read more...]

Gemini Dancing

The astrological sign of Gemini mainly rules in the month of June. People born under Gemini are quick, talkative, indecisive, adaptable, perceptive and friendly. It is the sign of the TWINS and duality. Many of my Gemini friends either cannot make up their minds or can think and focus in dept. A main premise in my book “Tarot and the Chakras” is to point out the similarities of systems in order … [Read more...]

Fusing Food and Tarot

Food is an integral part of life and the most direct and tangible way to change our physiology and our frame of mind. In my experience, many people would rather die than change their diets. Others will try just about any diet. Following an Ayurveda diet is one of most sophisticated and oldest ways to bring the body back into balance. Ayurveda offers a brilliant and complex way to tailor what … [Read more...]

Chart of Symbols

In creating Polarity Wellness Tarot, I’ve put the related color-coded symbols for each card in a row on the top. For more clarity than I could manage to put in the User’s Guide included with the deck here is a helpful chart. red - earth orange - water yellow - fire green - air blue - ether … [Read more...]


Water receives and accepts all things.  Water dissolves away boundaries and can be overwhelming. The water element relates to the tarot suit of cups - relationships and love. BASIC QUALITIES: flowing, receptive, flexible,  merging, smoothness, nurturing IN NATURE: oceans, rivers, brooks, lakes, ponds, gentle rains to hurricanes, tidal waves, COLOR:  orange ART: cooking CHAKRA: … [Read more...]


FIRE Fire is the most notable of the elements, the most vibrant and most volatile. Fire in the wands suit of the Tarot is all about passion, creativity and spirit. BASIC QUALITIES: clarity, focus, action, warmth, exuberance, bursting, direct movement, loudness, vitality IN NATURE: all sources of heat and combustion, gentle focusing light of a candle, eruptions, volcanoes, a cozy warmth of a … [Read more...]

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