Free Fall – Tarot in Motion

FREE 1st Workshop Tarot in Motion kicks off its 2017 Fall season with a FREE workshop. It's a great way to check out Tarot in Motion and start your Fall season on the correct foot. Tarot cards are  powerful informational tools. They also give us a structure for creating healing movement pieces. Miriam Jacobs guides you to craft movement pieces with meaning inspired by the Tarot. This … [Read more...]

June 25th -Tarot in Motion LAB

Healing with Tarot through Movement with Miriam Jacobs & guest collaborator  Claudia Mare Ruiz, who brings her Shamanic training to the LAB.  Claudia is a Massage Therapist, Shamanic practitioner, Hand Analysis & Mediator. She is also trained in various dance forms including the Tamalpa Institute in Kentfield, CA. "Shamanism intentionally changes consciousness to engage … [Read more...]

Tarot in Motion – June Labs: 4th, 11th, 18th and 25th

In this 4 week "workshop style", class explore the possibilities of healing through Tarot and movement. Share and build on your discoveries. Movement may include dance, visual arts, music and sound and written stories or prose. Learn more about the Tarot Discover something new about yourself Develop performance pieces Have fun and create community June 4th, 11th, 18th and 25th … [Read more...]

The next step of combining interests

I realized although I enjoy practicing bodywork, it brought about change one person at a time.  Tarot readings open people up to deeper insights but left them in their heads or intuitive minds. My deck and book helped but I wanted to do something interactive.  Physical movement expedites change. It opens pathways from the cognitive to the intuitive through the body’s motion. I saw … [Read more...]

11/12 Dancing the Tarot

Experience transformation while having fun Come into your body Change patterns Deepen realizations DANCING the TAROT Fall 2016 series   Saturday,Nov/12  3rd of 3 classes 12noon-3pm Cost: $35 each class Register: You will: -  Craft dances structured by hand picked Tarot cards -  Utilize the Tarot for the first time or in a new way -  Express what you have … [Read more...]

Thoughts About Community

Lately, I’ve been thinking a lot about the desire and concept of community. Perhaps community is in the biospheres. To me it seems to be more essential than ever - community transcends individual differences. I am aware of when community works and when it doesn't. When it does work, I feel included, I want to listen as much as I want to share. When it doesn't work I feel like a round peg … [Read more...]

July’s Dancing the Tarot

for seekers who want to do deep work while having fun During this workshop you will: - Learn how to utilize the Tarot for the first time or in a new way - Craft dances structured by hand picked Tarot cards - Express what you have been thinking and sensing internally - Connect meaningfully with yourself and others - Stretch out of your comfort zone COST: $50.00 prepaid $65 at the door  … [Read more...]

Where Womyn Gather – spirituality Festival

I will be presenting 2 workshops at this year's festival, honoring the Maiden, East and Air. For more info register at Tarot and the Air (Heart) Chakra Discover the secrets of how to connect Tarot to the Chakras, and other ancient systems such as astrology and the elements. Focus will be on the similarities and difference of the Air (Heart) Chakra in … [Read more...]

Getting Back to Basics with lining up Chakras

Welcome to the New Year! It is (yet another) opportunity to hit a restart button. For me this means getting back to basics - by simply lining up Chakras. Many years ago I began visualizing my own Chakras lining up as a form of meditation. I would also experiment with placing my hands a few inches away from someone else’s Chakras to see what I could sense. I’d try to get them to spin individually, … [Read more...]

Halloween 2014

As a child, everyone I knew would get dressed up in costumes for Halloween. We’d go door-to-door yelling “trick or treat” and hold out pillowcases or shopping bags to get filled up with candy. At the end of the night, my siblings and I would compare what we got. I loved the costumes and the candy, but looking back what I loved the most was witnessing going up to every door and catching the vibe of … [Read more...]