Tarot in Motion – Berkeley 10-01

Tarot cards are powerful informational tools. Tarot in Motion ™ gives us a structure for creating healing movement pieces. The 10/01 Tarot in Motion, workshop is inspired by a ritual I participated in last weekend, which focused on the astrological sign of Libra: finding balance. We all took turns balancing symbols of whatever balance meant to us on a 100 year old scale. It was poignant … [Read more...]

Tarot in Motion – Fall 2017 discount package

9/17, - Free 9/24 10/1, 10/18 - sub: Claudia Ruiz , 10/15 - sub: Deedra Wong 10/22, 10/29 costume event 11/5 daylight savings, 11/12, 11/19th,  11/26th Thanksgiving no class 12/3, 12/10, 12/17   Doors open at 11:15, workshop begins promptly at: 11:30am - 1:30pm in Berkeley at the Sawtooth building: Spring Fall Studio 2547 8th Street Bay 2, #20 Berkeley, CA Pay for … [Read more...]

Tarot in Motion Berkeley 12-17

In this last workshop before the holiday season, Tarot in Motion ™ honors the solstice and takes a look at what we need to let go of from the past year by chosen cards that will be "danced out" and sent to the light with love. Tarot in Motion ™ gives us a structure to create these healing movement pieces. Want relief from stress? Release from old patterns? Evoke the healing power of … [Read more...]

The next step of combining interests

I realized although I enjoy practicing bodywork, it brought about change one person at a time.  Tarot readings open people up to deeper insights but left them in their heads or intuitive minds. My deck and book helped but I wanted to do something interactive.  Physical movement expedites change. It opens pathways from the cognitive to the intuitive through the body’s motion. I saw … [Read more...]

Dancing the Tarot – Jan 14

Experience transformation while having fun Please join me in this revolutionary way to have fun (dance) while you relieve stress - shift from feeling stuck - release from old patterns – uncover new realizations. DANCING the TAROT Winter/Spring 2017 Series Saturdays, Jan/14, Feb/11, Mar/11 and Apr/8 12noon-3pm Cost: $35 each workshop or $100 for all four Register: … [Read more...]

Thoughts About Community

Lately, I’ve been thinking a lot about the desire and concept of community. Perhaps community is in the biospheres. To me it seems to be more essential than ever - community transcends individual differences. I am aware of when community works and when it doesn't. When it does work, I feel included, I want to listen as much as I want to share. When it doesn't work I feel like a round peg … [Read more...]

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