Tarot in Motion – Berkeley 10-01

Tarot cards are powerful informational tools. Tarot in Motion ™ gives us a structure for creating healing movement pieces. The 10/01 Tarot in Motion, workshop is inspired by a ritual I participated in last weekend, which focused on the astrological sign of Libra: finding balance. We all took turns balancing symbols of whatever balance meant to us on a 100 year old scale. It was poignant … [Read more...]

Tarot in Motion – Fall 2017 discount package

9/17, - Free 9/24 10/1, 10/18 - sub: Claudia Ruiz , 10/15 - sub: Deedra Wong 10/22, 10/29 costume event 11/5 daylight savings, 11/12, 11/19th,  11/26th Thanksgiving no class 12/3, 12/10, 12/17   Doors open at 11:15, workshop begins promptly at: 11:30am - 1:30pm in Berkeley at the Sawtooth building: Spring Fall Studio 2547 8th Street Bay 2, #20 Berkeley, CA Pay for … [Read more...]

Tarot in Motion Berkeley 12-17

In this last workshop before the holiday season, Tarot in Motion ™ honors the solstice and takes a look at what we need to let go of from the past year by chosen cards that will be "danced out" and sent to the light with love. Tarot in Motion ™ gives us a structure to create these healing movement pieces. Want relief from stress? Release from old patterns? Evoke the healing power of … [Read more...]

Getting Back to Basics with lining up Chakras

Welcome to the New Year! It is (yet another) opportunity to hit a restart button. For me this means getting back to basics - by simply lining up Chakras. Many years ago I began visualizing my own Chakras lining up as a form of meditation. I would also experiment with placing my hands a few inches away from someone else’s Chakras to see what I could sense. I’d try to get them to spin individually, … [Read more...]

Halloween 2014

As a child, everyone I knew would get dressed up in costumes for Halloween. We’d go door-to-door yelling “trick or treat” and hold out pillowcases or shopping bags to get filled up with candy. At the end of the night, my siblings and I would compare what we got. I loved the costumes and the candy, but looking back what I loved the most was witnessing going up to every door and catching the vibe of … [Read more...]

Inspiration for the PWT

The inspiration for creating Polarity Wellness Tarot deck came from a conversation I had over dinner with my former Polarity teachers. I was telling them about a slide show I had developed with a colleague, showing world art images that related to the Tarot. I wasn’t sure where we could take the presentation, or if it could sustain my colleague and myself. I was asking for advice. They suggested … [Read more...]

Fusing Tarot and the Body

Tarot can give us tremendous insight, clarity and affirmation of what we already know. Polarity Therapy is a holistic integrative healing art that balances life energy in the body. It addresses 4 components: bodywork, exercise, nutrition, and communication skills. Both Polarity and Tarot are processes that provide meaning and direction to one's life. When fused by astrological and chakra … [Read more...]

Chart of Symbols

In creating Polarity Wellness Tarot, I’ve put the related color-coded symbols for each card in a row on the top. For more clarity than I could manage to put in the User’s Guide included with the deck here is a helpful chart. red - earth orange - water yellow - fire green - air blue - ether … [Read more...]


Water receives and accepts all things.  Water dissolves away boundaries and can be overwhelming. The water element relates to the tarot suit of cups - relationships and love. BASIC QUALITIES: flowing, receptive, flexible,  merging, smoothness, nurturing IN NATURE: oceans, rivers, brooks, lakes, ponds, gentle rains to hurricanes, tidal waves, COLOR:  orange ART: cooking CHAKRA: … [Read more...]


FIRE Fire is the most notable of the elements, the most vibrant and most volatile. Fire in the wands suit of the Tarot is all about passion, creativity and spirit. BASIC QUALITIES: clarity, focus, action, warmth, exuberance, bursting, direct movement, loudness, vitality IN NATURE: all sources of heat and combustion, gentle focusing light of a candle, eruptions, volcanoes, a cozy warmth of a … [Read more...]

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