Free Bay Area Dance Week Event – intro 4/28

Tarot as a Basis for Meaningful Choreography- intro FIND YOUR INNER ARCHETYPE: Miriam Jacobs and guest choreographer May Kesler introduce how to implement the Tarot for personal and universal choreography. For full class on Saturday, April 29th go to: Craft an expressive dance using the Tarot as a guide. Use Tarot for the first time or in a new way. Evoke the healing power of … [Read more...]

Self Love and Encouragement

Earlier this month I went to a Retreat & Application Course at Ojo Caliente in New Mexico. The workshop was on Core Awareness, proprioception (the ability of knowing where you are in your body), emphasizing the psoas being the messenger of the body. My friend Valerie encouraged me to go. I was in the right place at the right time to say yes. I got to soak in amazing mineral baths, eat healthy … [Read more...]

Gratitude and Appreciation

On a recent day trip with a girlfriend, we were listening to a motivational CD in the car, one of those “power of positive thinking” type recordings. It spurred a conversation, perfect for pre Thanksgiving, about the difference between gratitude and appreciation. This particular speaker was using the word appreciate instead of gratitude as a basis for manifesting both intangible and tangible … [Read more...]

Inspiration for the PWT

The inspiration for creating Polarity Wellness Tarot deck came from a conversation I had over dinner with my former Polarity teachers. I was telling them about a slide show I had developed with a colleague, showing world art images that related to the Tarot. I wasn’t sure where we could take the presentation, or if it could sustain my colleague and myself. I was asking for advice. They suggested … [Read more...]

Utlilizing My Deck

Last night I was having trouble sleeping. I was being confronted with some marketing challenges. What is the value of what I do? It was bringing up some really old issues. In fact, I was devastated by my blockages. Eventually, I got up and picked a card. To my surprise I did not pick the Devil or even an Air (sword) card but Temperance. Temperance indicates calmness and balance. The card shows … [Read more...]