Tarot in Motion – June Lab

In this 4 week "workshop style", class explore the possibilities of healing through Tarot and movement. Share and build on your discoveries. Movement may include dance, visual arts, music and sound and written stories or prose. Learn more about the Tarot Discover something new about yourself Develop performance pieces Have fun and create community June 4th, 11th, 18th and 25th - … [Read more...]

The next step of combining interests

I realized although I enjoy practicing bodywork, it brought about change one person at a time.  Tarot readings open people up to deeper insights but left them in their heads or intuitive minds. My deck and book helped but I wanted to do something interactive.  Physical movement expedites change. It opens pathways from the cognitive to the intuitive through the body’s motion. I saw … [Read more...]

Dancing the Tarot – March 11

Healing with Tarot Through Motion Miriam Jacobs guides you to craft movement pieces with meaning inspired by the Tarot. This workshop which is more than dance emphasizes healing and change. It will include a few Tarot basics and show how cards chosen can become a format for types of movement, body sourcing and expression. Dress to dance and play.  Bring props such as hats, scarves, drums, … [Read more...]

Water, Water Everywhere

If you live in Northern California, or if you follow the news, you know how much rain we've gotten. I am grateful because we are out of the drought. The power of water has proven to be both frightening and amazing. I'm not sure what to hope for, continued rain or sunshine. Elementally water conveys our ability to be receptive, to flow, and be flexible. Water is nurturing and facilitates making … [Read more...]

Dancing the Tarot – Jan 14

Experience transformation while having fun Please join me in this revolutionary way to have fun (dance) while you relieve stress - shift from feeling stuck - release from old patterns – uncover new realizations. DANCING the TAROT Winter/Spring 2017 Series Saturdays, Jan/14, Feb/11, Mar/11 and Apr/8 12noon-3pm Cost: $35 each workshop or $100 for all four Register: … [Read more...]

Holiday Sale

Holiday Offerings no longer available! for a limited time only Need that special gift - or bought a book without the deck? $20.00 (does not including taxes or S&H) Book & Deck Combo Sale: $38.00 Polarity Wellness Tarot with Tarot and the Chakras: Opening New Dimensions to Healers  - "Best Divination Book 2015"  COVR award Tarot Card Reading Treat yourself to … [Read more...]

Thoughts About Community

Lately, I’ve been thinking a lot about the desire and concept of community. Perhaps community is in the biospheres. To me it seems to be more essential than ever - community transcends individual differences. I am aware of when community works and when it doesn't. When it does work, I feel included, I want to listen as much as I want to share. When it doesn't work I feel like a round peg … [Read more...]

July’s Dancing the Tarot

for seekers who want to do deep work while having fun During this workshop you will: - Learn how to utilize the Tarot for the first time or in a new way - Craft dances structured by hand picked Tarot cards - Express what you have been thinking and sensing internally - Connect meaningfully with yourself and others - Stretch out of your comfort zone COST: $50.00 prepaid $65 at the door  … [Read more...]

When the Muse Hits

After a month’s journey, which included a visit to a magical spring and an International Polarity conference, I’m really feeling moved. During a visit to the Chalice Well in Glastonbury, England I had a powerful meditation. The Chalice Well is a natural spring rooted in King Arthur fables where people gather to find solace, peace and inspiration. In Tarot the Well relates to the Ace of … [Read more...]

Incorporating Tarot into your Sessions

Reading Tarot cards have evolved beyond a divination tool. connecting Tarot to Polarity Therapy through Universal elements adds an empowering tool to your repertoire. Discover how Tarot can open the conversation, alleviate mind chatter, reveal deeper patterns and set the intention for the session. You will learn a few Tarot basics and how to use cards in your sessions. Sunday 9:30 - 10:15 … [Read more...]