Tarot and the Chakras by Miriam Jacobs

Tarot and the Chakras


Tarot and the Chakras:

Opening New Dimensions to Healers

Winner of “Best Divination book” – 2015 COVR Visionary awards!

“Tarot and the Chakras” synthesizes ancient and modern divination systems.

  • Explains the Tarot within the framework of the Chakra system
  • Supports a holistic view of Tarot and gives methods to alter the energy system to change patterns via the Chakras
  • Information for each card detailing attributes, advice, and stories to inspire intuition

Discover how to use the Tarot and the Chakras to support holistic views and to alter energy systems, thereby affecting patterns presented to you in the cards. This comprehensive guide takes the Whole into account by including meditations, exercises, bodywork techniques, home remedies, dietary recommendations, and the use of crystals. All of these help balance energy and facilitate change of the physical, mental, and spiritual body. Learn about the energy behind the Tarot and how it interconnects with the Chakras.
Use the advice, card attributes, and stories in this book to see important patterns and then set into motion your informed, inspired choices, so that you can follow your correct life path. The book relates to Polarity Therapy.

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Video review by Christine and Celeste:

“Miriam has made it easy with all her charts.
I haven’t found a book this does this in such a practical easy way.”

Example pages from “Tarot and the Chakras”

Page 91


Sub-Element: Fire
Astrology: Leo – proud
Anatomy: solar plexus

ATTRIBUTES: Strength demands control by using personal dominance and will. It is tenacious and lustful. Strength won’t be deterred or outsmarted. Strength is courageous, dominant, and unwavering. Strength is passionate and forceful.
ADVICE: Gather up your forceful energy – your passion, tenacity, and courage. Use this to take responsibility for your actions. Experience dominance by using mind over matter. This quality of Strength is different than the control of the Chariot. Strength functions by the Fire quality instead of by means of the Water element.
STORY: In the literary tale, Life of Pi, a teenage boy is trapped on a lifeboat with a Bengal tiger. In order to survive, and to also save the tiger, Pi relies on the knowledge he’s gained through exploring religions, and the lessons his father taught him about wild animals, to demonstrate utmost strength and tenacity. He manages to find food to feed the tiger and himself. Pi keeps the tiger at bay, successfully preventing the animal from attacking him during their shared ordeal, remaining safe and in control until they reach land.4

Page 107


Quality: thinking
Signs: all Air signs – Gemini, Libra, Aquarius
Anatomy: all Air anatomy – shoulders, kidneys, ankles

ATTRIBUTES: Ace of Air indicates a clear message and a new perspective. It signifies inspired ideas with easily reached solutions. The Ace of Air is focused and clear. It indicates the moment when the figurative light bulb goes off and illuminates our thoughts.
ADVICE: Develop the idea that inspires you. Stay focused. Notice where the clarity that begins to flower is located in your body. Anchor it so that next time, you will know if that sort of inspiration was a correct one to follow.
STORY: The inspiration for creating my Polarity Wellness Tarot deck came from a conversation I had over dinner with my former Polarity teachers. I was telling them about a slide show I had developed with a colleague, showing world art images that related to the Tarot. I wasn’t sure where we could take the presentation, or if it could sustain my colleague and myself. I was asking for advice.
They suggested creating a product. On the way home from dinner it became clear; I was going to create my own somatic tarot deck. Four years later, the deck was completed.

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