The Dance of Miriam

Miriam's hand in photo collage

Miriam’s hand in photo collage

My name Miriam means prophetess or rebellion.
In the Old Testament, Miriam was the revered sister and savior of her brother Moses, who later led the Hebrew people to the Exodus of Egypt.
It’s not always acknowledged but Miriam along with their brother Aaron had a big part in that procession as well.

Perhaps I should be presenting this story during Passover the religious, celebration of the Exodus and not Rosh Hashanah, but I couldn’t wait, here is the fun part:

It was recently brought to my attention that Miriam directed the women across the parting of the Red Sea with song and dance. Yes, my namesake was dancing. Could that dancing and singing have anything to do with the sea actually parting?
“Then the prophet Miriam, Aaron’s sister, took a tambourine in her hand; and all the women went out after her with tambourines and with dancing.”

Historically, this was the second occurrence that Miriam was connected to water. The first when she saved Moses from being drowned, and the third being immediately after her death, “God gave the people an abundance of water in the form of a spring”.

Here’s the even more fun part and how it relates to me:
Unconsciously, the photo collage for my Ace of Water card (see above) contains a photo of my own hand. It’s the only place in the PWT deck, that I photo collaged a part of myself.
At the time I had no idea, my path would lead to dancing or that my namesake was connected to water.

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