The next step of combining interests

I realized although I enjoy practicing bodywork, it brought about change one person at a time. 
Tarot readings open people up to deeper insights but left them in their heads or intuitive minds. My deck and book helped but I wanted to do something interactive. 
Physical movement expedites change. It opens pathways from the cognitive to the intuitive through the body’s motion. I saw dance as a means to reach more people in my work and for our work to feel like play. 
I was looking for something proactive. What I found was the symbols on top of my cards could be translated as a structure to follow for creating a movement piece.  A dancer friend helped me to translate the symbols on top of my somatic Tarot deck. With her input, I created a format for dance.
I continued my exploration by taking a variety of dance classes. I found I could not retain specific techniques. Free form open dance jams reminded me of being a teenager and dancing in the woods with my friends.
What intrigued me the most were integrative arts programs such as the work of Anna Halprin, Motion Theatre and in concept Continuum; Emilie Conrad’s work. I was pleased to see how my unusual idea could fit in with a trend.  If you’d like to learn more about tarot and movement, attending one of my Tarot in Motion workshops could be perfect for you. You can find out more about them here…

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