Water, Water Everywhere

If you live in Northern California, or if you follow the news, you know how much rain we’ve gotten. I am grateful because we are out of the drought. The power of water has proven to be both frightening and amazing. I’m not sure what to hope for, continued rain or sunshine.

Elementally water conveys our ability to be receptive, to flow, and be flexible. Water is nurturing and facilitates making connections. Water receives and accepts all things. It also can be overwhelming and dissolve boundaries.
Water connects the mother to the child, adults to their sexuality, and our feet to the earth. Our bodies are made up of about 66% water. The earth is about 60% water.

In Tarot, Water is the suite of Cups, which refers to feelings, relationships and the emotional body. The cards refer to love, pleasure and psychic abilities.
On the flip side Cups indicate indulgences and addictions.

To find out more about the water/cups, please join me for my next workshop in Berkeley featuring the Water/Cups suit. For more info: http://polaritywellness.com/event/dancing-the-tarot-march-11/

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