When the Muse Hits

Chalice Well
After a month’s journey, which included a visit to a magical spring and an International Polarity conference, I’m really feeling moved.
During a visit to the Chalice Well in Glastonbury, England I had a powerful meditation. The Chalice Well is a natural spring rooted in King Arthur fables where people gather to find solace, peace and inspiration. In Tarot the Well relates to the Ace of Water/Cups. The meditation left me feeling like energy was piercing through my veins.
A week afterwards, at the Polarity conference, I gave a presentation on Tarot and Bodywork. The group though small, was represented by, 8 different countries. The conversation had already began around the new direction of Polarity Therapy, which is more supportive of integrating Polarity creatively.
It was great because, I did not have to explain the elements to this group. Although one woman openly objected, announcing that she could never use these cards in her practice, which seemed weird enough to her clients, the card she had chosen was the 8 of water/cups, which signifies walking away from a situation. (Later, privately this woman told me that she had abandoned her sister, and she now realized she wanted to make amends.)
I had to laugh and suddenly, I became more myself than ever. I never wavered in my confidence or premise on using the cards as an integrative tool. I was completely comfortable.
Right then, I felt this huge shift. This did not go unnoticed and it brought about a discussion of what just happened. Someone said they saw a huge swirl of wind outside beforehand. Someone else saw a huge force from behind come into me.
I’ve been imparted with some healing information, which started at the Chalice Well. I now have a new sense of inspiration and conviction surrounding my Dancing the Tarot events.

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