Through bodywork sessions and tarot card readings, award winning author Miriam Jacobs teaches how to live more comfortably and self expressively in the world.
Miriam synthesizes ancient and modern systems that have never been combined before. The Tarot readings point out where in the body (for you and me) to go to unblock energy. She also suggests possible practices, tools including Chakra based meditations, foods and yoga-like exercises to continue the work on your own.

Polarity Therapy teaches us how to live. Tarot shows us possible directions. Together they create self empowerment.

“People say that they can feel energy coming out of my hands. The healing that takes place is profound and quite often a surprise.”


A short Tarot reading may clarify what is really going on and focuses the source of your challenges. The bodywork will alleviate stress and physical pain, helping you to live more comfortable in the world. The combo addresses your healing process from different directions.
Miriam will help you clarify your intentions and suggest practices to balance or move stuck energy.

“The work brings about a profoundly deep healing – both physical and even emotional – that gets to the root of the pain for longer lasting results. You will leave your sessions feeling whole and balanced.”

Miriam is the creator of Polarity Wellness Tarot, the first body based deck. Her book,  Tarot and the Chakras: Opening New Dimensions to Healers, has been awarded the best Divination book of 2015 in the COVR. The book  takes the concept of the deck further. She is also the inventor of Dancing the Tarot workshops.

“Miriam’s readings help you see the issue from a whole new perspective. You go away feeling supported and with new understanding of the issues at hand.

Karen Rae Wilson, Life Purpose Consultant


Miriam Jacobs, IPE, CMT, BFA
4289 Piedmont Ave suite 201
Oakland, CA 94611