Polarity Wellness helps people to change through bodywork sessions and tarot card readings.
Miriam Jacobs, IPE, CMT, BFA is the founding director of Polarity Wellness. She has created a deck of somatic Tarot cards, Polarity Wellness Tarot that makes Tarot accessible for beginners as well as healing arts practitioners. The deck inspires a connection of Tarot to the body.

“The polarity sessions I experienced with Miriam left me feeling centered and more at one with my body. My Mind seemed to shift from the need to control my surroundings to the willingness to flow.”
Debra Riordan, Clinical Ayurvedic Specialist

BODYWORK SESSIONS bring about a profoundly deep healing – both physical and emotional – that gets to the root of the pain for longer lasting results.

Miriam’s work helps you to move through transitions such as:

  • Chronic conditions
  • Relationship changes
  • Coming to terms with a trauma
  • Changing jobs or careers
  • Grieving a loved one
  • End of life care

TAROT CARD READINGS empowers you to make more conscious choices and open new doors in your life by:

  • Deepening the reasons for your passions
  • Helping you get more clarity on what you want
  • Overcoming negative circumstances (and see their benefits)
  • Trusting your decision-making
  • Suggesting exercises or rituals from her somatic Tarot deck

“People say that they can feel energy coming out of my hands. I am strongly intuitive and use this ability to target certain energy points in the body to balance energy. The healing that takes place is profound and quite often a surprise.”
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Miriam Jacobs