I help people to change through bodywork sessions and/or tarot card readings. The work is tailored for you and gives a blanket of support. Fused together magic can happen.

The name POLARITY WELLNESS is inspired by my training in Polarity Therapy. It is the concept that healing is a process and a philosophical foundation for encouraging wellness.

Over the years, POLARITY WELLNESS has evolved into much more than Polarity Therapy being the basis of my bodywork. It has morphed to include Tarot. This came out of my equal appreciation from what I’ve seen both systems can achieve. It has inspired me to create and co-name this site POLARITYTAROT.com.



I am creator of Polarity Wellness Tarot, the first deck that provides ways to restore positive energy patterns through body-mind exercises.




I am also author of Tarot and the Chakras: Opening New Dimensions to Healers that broadens the premise of the deck to include other healing systems.


My work brings about a profoundly deep healing”- both physical and even emotional – that gets to the root of the pain for longer lasting results.

“I have been reading Tarot cards for over twenty-five years. Since I found them so effective in making decisions, I began to include Tarot in my bodywork sessions. The brief readings help affirm my clients’ experiences, differentiating and integrating their thoughts, emotions, and physical sensations.                                                                                               I realized there was a more expansive and expressive way to use the Tarot. This inspired me to create a unique and comprehensive deck. The images are digital collages. I found inspiration for the images included in the Polarity Wellness Tarot everywhere: in nature, in sculpture, in yard sales and junk shops.”

Energetically yours,  Miriam Jacobs, IPE, CMT, BFA  founding director

“The polarity sessions I experienced with Miriam left me feeling centered and more at one with my body. My Mind seemed to shift from the need to control my surroundings to the willingness to flow.”
Debra Riordan, Clinical Ayurvedic Specialist


BODYWORK SESSIONS help you to overcome transitions such as:

  • Chronic conditions
  • Injuries or diseases
  • Relationship changes
  • Trauma
  • Jobs or career changes
  • Grieving a loved one
  • End of life care

TAROT CARD READINGS open new doors by:

  • Affirming your intuition
  • Direction your decisions
  • Give meaning to events in your life
  • Helping you get more clarity on what you want
  • Overcoming negative circumstances (and see their benefits)
  • Trusting your decision-making

“People say that they can feel energy coming out of my hands. I am strongly intuitive and use this ability to target certain energy points in the body to balance energy. The healing that takes place is profound and quite often a surprise.”

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